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Away To Live

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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
Away To Live
  • English, German

In 2009, Nowhere Train went on a train journey through Austria – five musicians, two film-makers and a writer. St. Pölten, Podersdorf, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Vienna – one concert at every stop. Exceptional places, exceptional shows, exceptional adventures. The result is a film portrait of a very special tour showing the journey, the concerts and the people Nowhere Train met on the road.

Away To Live
  • English, German
Stefan Deisenberger
Stefan Deisenberger Stefan Deisenberger
Ian Fisher
Ian Fisher Ian Fisher
Ryan Carpenter
Ryan Carpenter Ryan Carpenter
Jakob M. Kubizek
Jakob M. Kubizek Jakob M. Kubizek
Frenk Lebel
Frenk Lebel Frenk Lebel
Stephan Stanzel
Stephan Stanzel Stephan Stanzel
Martin Mitterstieler
Martin Mitterstieler Martin Mitterstieler
Hosea Ratschiller
Hosea Ratschiller Hosea Ratschiller