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Autopsy On A Dream

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  • 2013
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Autopsy On A Dream

In 1968, John Weiley shot 'Autopsy on a Dream' a film on the Sydney Opera House which detailed the construction process of the Opera House, and the politics of Jorn Utzons dismissal. The documentary was controversial, it was screened once, and then John Weiley was told it had been destroyed. Forty five years later a copy of the film was discovered in the BBC vaults by an ABC producer looking for archive footage of the Opera House. A surprised Weiley was contacted and told about a mystery film that had no sound track. Weiley was overjoyed. For years hed sentimentally kept the original sound. So began the painstaking process of restoring this record of a unique moment in Australian culture to its former glory, complete with updated voice-over from the original narrator Bob Ellis. Now Autopsy on a Dream, a cultural treasure in its own right, will finally have the Australian screening it deserves.

Autopsy On A Dream
John Weiley
John Weiley Director , Writer