Australian Big Birds

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  • 2021
  • 69min
Australian Big Birds
  • Original Title: Australian Big Birds

Embark on an educational journey through Australia's diverse landscapes, discovering 137 big bird species through a unique video guide enriched with direct sounds and expert narration.

Australian Big Birds

Australian Big Birds - Nature, Education

This amazing shot documentary is a visual and auditory masterpiece, capturing nearly 140 species of Australia's big birds in their natural habitats. The film is the result of ten years of dedicated fieldwork and half a century of experience in birdwatching and photography. Each bird is presented with its unique song or call, alongside ambient sounds of their environment. The narration provides detailed insights into the birds' features and behaviors, making it an invaluable tool for identification and learning. This video guide stands out as the first of its kind in Australia, offering a comprehensive look at the country's large avian species. It's perfectly suited for use on mobile devices for on-the-go identification or for a more immersive experience on desktops.


Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro Director

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