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August Winds

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  • 2014
  • Nonemin
August Winds
  • Portuguese

Shirley has left the big city to live in a small seaside town and look after her elderly grandmother. She drives a tractor on a local coconut plantation, loves rock music and wants to be a tattoo artist. She feels trapped in the tiny coastal village. She is involved with Jeison, who also works on the coconut farm and who free dives for lobster and octopus in his spare time.

August Winds
  • Portuguese
Gabriel Mascaro
Gabriel Mascaro Screenplay, Director...
Rachel Ellis
Rachel Ellis Screenplay, Producer...
Stefania Régis
Stefania Régis Executive Producer, Art Direction...
Livia de Melo
Livia de Melo Production Manager
Victoria Franzan
Victoria Franzan Sound Recordist
Moabe Filho
Moabe Filho Sound Recordist
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia Assistant Director
Ana Lucia Diniz
Ana Lucia Diniz Assistant Director
Duda Gueiros
Duda Gueiros Production Intern
Joana Claude
Joana Claude Production Intern
Vanessa Barbosa
Vanessa Barbosa Post-Production Manager, Production Accountant
Mauricio d'Orey
Mauricio d'Orey Sound Designer, Mix Technician...
Ernesto Herrmann
Ernesto Herrmann Special Effects
Guilherme Luigi
Guilherme Luigi Production Artist
Gabriel Mascaro
Gabriel Mascaro Pesquisador

Production Companies

FiGa Films