As We're Told

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  • 2017
  • 28min
As We're Told
  • Original Title: As We're Told (2017)

This creative documentary uses cardboard puppets to provide a depiction of the most hated government agency in Sweden: the employment office, in which employees are reduced to cardboard cutouts.

As We're Told

AWARDS: Best Short Documentary. IDFA

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Nominated for the Guldbagge Award

As We're Told. Cardboard puppets at an employment office

"It's simple! We do as we're told." This disconcerting reply comes from a Swedish employment office employee when asked how the country’s most unpopular government agency works.

In this creative documentary, case workers, receptionists and psychologists reveal how the Swedish employment system is failing. They complain about inadequate software and mystifying error messages, excessive caseloads and demoralizing results.

They're all represented by cardboard puppets and the result is a fascinating, comical and artistic study of human strategies to get along in an irrational bureaucracy.

Production Companies

Fasad Production

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