Argentina Forgive Me

  • 9 10
  • 2015
  • 19min
Argentina Forgive Me
  • Original Title: Argentina me disculpe

An intricate exploration of football, international rivalry, personal disappointments and the enduring power of friendship that transcends national boundaries.

Argentina Forgive Me

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema/ Latinuy. Festival Internacional de Cine Latino de Punta del Este/ Arraial Cine Fest/ International Open Film Festival/ BrasilCine/ Festival Irlandè‚s de Cinema Latinoamericano

Argentina Forgive Me - Football, Tragedy, Connection, Reflection

Set against the emotionally charged backdrop of the Football World Cups, "Beyond the Game" paints a vivid portrait of Pilar, an Argentinean fervent football supporter wrestling with the sting of her nation's recurring failures. Simultaneously, it weaves a narrative about her strained yet cherished bond with Sofia, a Brazilian woman who shares a common yet divided passion. The documentary captures their emotional rollercoaster ride over the past four years, oscillating between hope, despair, loss, and an unwavering desire to reconnect. It's a tale that beautifully encapsulates the world's most loved sport's drama, offering a revealing look at football's power to unite and divide, to inflict pain and spark joy.





Leandro Afonso
Leandro Afonso Director

Production Companies

Gonella Productions

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