Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?

  • 9.5 10
  • 2018
  • 80min
Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?
  • Original Title: Bruder Jakob, schläfst du noch?

This insightful documentary is a heartfelt journey from childhood memories to the depths of grief, exploring the bond between brothers and the inevitable necessity of mourning.

Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?

AWARDS: Audience award. Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Austrian Film Award/ Diagonale Austria

Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob? - Nostalgic, Healing, Brotherhood

This reflective and poignant documentary navigates the themes of parting and reconnection. It artfully intertwines scattered archival footage of two brothers, capturing their youthful exuberance in swimming, dancing, and mountain adventures, infusing the narrative with unexpected lightness. The journey, beginning in the Tyrolean valley of Lareintal and culminating in a Porto hotel room, leads to the profound realization that grief, though painful, is essential. The film evolves into a meditation on the importance of mourning and the search for companions who shape and share our life's journey.

David Bohun
David Bohun Director

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Mischief Films

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