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Arabic Secret

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  • 2017
  • Nonemin
Arabic Secret
  • English, Arabic, Polish

One who doesn't have roots won't be able to grow wings-a documentary project about a man tracking his origins to the Middle East and establishing a connection with his father, whom he have never met before.

Arabic Secret
  • English, Arabic, Polish
Julija Groszek
Julija Groszek Director, Screenplay...
Boleslaw Kielak
Boleslaw Kielak Camera Operator, Director of Photography...
Zuzanna Król
Zuzanna Król Production Manager, Producer
Piotr Gochnio
Piotr Gochnio Production Manager
Michal Opala
Michal Opala Camera Operator
Marta Dużbabel
Marta Dużbabel Co-Producer
Robert Stasz
Robert Stasz Post Production Supervisor
Julija Skorupska
Julija Skorupska Executive Producer
Kamil Rutkowski
Kamil Rutkowski Digital Intermediate
Artur Zok
Artur Zok Compositors
Zofia Syroka
Zofia Syroka Post Production Assistant
Michal Baginski
Michal Baginski Sound Mixer
Agata Chodyra
Agata Chodyra Sound Mixer
Kinga Demska
Kinga Demska Production Manager
Rafal Golis
Rafal Golis Producer
Blazej Chancellor
Blazej Chancellor Sound Designer