Appropriation Takes You On A Weird Ride

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  • 2020
  • 20min
Appropriation Takes You On A Weird Ride
  • Original Title: Appropriation Takes You On A Weird Ride

From ancient Germanic tales to modern political movements, delve into Germany's peculiar infatuation with Native Americans and the dark implications of cultural appropriation.

Appropriation Takes You On A Weird Ride

OFFICIAL SELECTION: DOK Leipzig/ Blicke Filmfestival/ Black Box Cinema/ Cinema São Jorge/ Filmfest Dresden/ Moscow International Experimental Film Festival

Appropriation Takes You On A Weird Ride - Cultural Obsession

This is a deep-dive documentary that explores the longstanding German fascination with Native Americans, and how it intersects with threads of racism and colonialism. This obsession, notably woven into the fabric of German identity, traces a timeline that is more disconcerting than awe-inspiring. From tales of the first-century Cherusci chieftain Arminius, the enrapturing adventure novels by Karl May, to the mesmerizing Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows in the 19th century, the narrative continues through the ethnological displays in zoos and circuses and the formation of "Indian clubs" in the early 1900s. Notably alarming is the adoption of Indigenous imagery by Nazi ideologues and the present-day right-wing factions' disconcerting empathy with Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. The documentary challenges us to reflect on appropriation, identity, and the underbelly of cultural obsessions.

Nina Fischer
Nina Fischer Director
Maroan el Sani
Maroan el Sani Director

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Fischer & el Sani

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