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Approaching the Elephant

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  • 2015
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Approaching the Elephant
  • English

APPROACHING THE ELEPHANT is a feature-length documentary about The Teddy McArdle Free School, where classes are optional and rules are made by democratic vote. Summerhill, founded 90 years ago by A. S. Neill, was the first free school - now there are more than 200 worldwide. Approaching the Elephant chronicles a free school in the making - spanning two years, from Teddy McArdle's first day when there were no rules or classes, through the changing of the school's director and the expulsion of a student by democratic vote, to the last day of the second year, APPROACHING THE ELEPHANT is an intimate portrait of a small group of people from a range of educational backgrounds, come together to forge a place where children are treated as equals, at liberty to spend their days however they please.

Approaching the Elephant
  • English
Amanda Wilder
Amanda Wilder Director
Caitlin Mae Burke
Caitlin Mae Burke Co-Producer
Jay Craven
Jay Craven Producer
Robert Greene
Robert Greene Producer