Apples of Golan

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  • 2012
  • 82min
Apples of Golan
  • Original Title: Apples of Gold (1980)

The effects of the Syrian conflict are being felt by the inhabitants across the ceasefire line in the Israeli Occupied Syrian Golan Heights. These are their stories.

Apples of Golan

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Jameson International Film Festival/ Galway Film Fleadh

Apples of Golan. The occupied land

Israel is their home, Syria their homeland. Neither is paradise. 

The epic story of a village turned prison full of rappers, rockers and regimes, salsa dancers, holy men and dead fish, traitors, lovers, freedom fighters and their heartbroken mothers set against the backdrop of the revolution raging in their homeland Syria as it creeps through the orchards towards their homes in Israel.

Production Companies

Blacksheep Productions

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