Anywhere You Find Yourself

  • 8 10
  • 2017
  • 12min
Anywhere You Find Yourself
  • Original Title: Anywhere You Find Yourself (2018)

Through still pictures and textual resources, a short story unfolds: the encounter between a western explorer and a Nigerian refugee in a hostel in Costa Rica.

Anywhere You Find Yourself

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: San José International Film Awards/  Veracruz Film Festival/ Short Long World Festival/ Miami Indipendent Film Festival/ Vancouver Alternative Cinema Festival/ Visions du Réel Media Library/ This Human World Festival/ Fresh Legs Berlin/ Galleri Heike Arndt/ Filmabend im Krongarten

Anywhere You Find Yourself. A hostel conversation

A western backpacker and a Nigerian refugee meet in a hostel in a small Costa
Rican town. 

The conversation starts with smalltalk but quickly transforms into a
deeper exchange. The small hotel room becomes a space of sharing and

Morena Henke
Morena Henke Director

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Morena Henke

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