Anthony, The Invisible One

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  • 2017
  • 16min
Anthony, The Invisible One
  • Original Title: Antão, o invisível (2017)

The guide of a museum presents a famous painting to sighted people, blind people and a deaf and blind man, each group with their singular expectations.

Anthony, The Invisible One

AWARDS: Arvore da Vida Award. Festival IndieLisboa/ Best international documentary award . Go short - Nijmegen/ Best international short film award. IndieCork – Cork/Ireland 

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Visions Du Réel/ Ardèche images/ Festival international du film d’éducation/ Les hivernales du documentaire/ Festival filmer le travail/ Les rencontres du documentaire

Anthony, The Invisible One. A painting for everyone

In an art museum, a guide presents a famous pictorial triptych to three audiences: sighted people, blind people and a deaf and blind man. 

The painting is unveiled little by little. In a playful atmosphere, the attentives and enthusiastic visitors decrypt a rich in details and symbols art work.

Maya Kosa
Maya Kosa Director

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Alogon Films

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