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Antarctica: A Year on Ice

  • 7.2 10
  • 2013
  • 87min
Antarctica: A Year on Ice
  • Original Title: Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Filling the giant screen with stunning time-lapse vistas of Antarctica, and detailing year-round life at McMurdo and Scott Base, Anthony Powell’s documentary is a potent hymn to the icy continent and the heavens above.

Antarctica: A Year on Ice
AWARDS: Best Jury Documentary. Bel Air Film Festival/ Audience Award. Breckenridge Festival of Film/ Best International Documentary, People’s Choice Award. Calgary International Film Festival/Best Documentary. Eugene International Film Festival/ Best Documentary. Foyle Film Festival/ Best Documentary. Irvine International Film Festival/ Festival Award. Laughlin International Film Festival/ Best Documentary. Louisville’s International Festival& Documentary Award. New Zealand Film and TV Awards/ Best Feature Documentary. Orlando Film Festival/ Festival Prize. Prescott Film Festival/ Best Documentary. Red Dirt International Film Festival/ Audience Award. Scottsdale International Film Festival/ One in a Million Documentary. Sun Valley Film Festival/ Honorable Mention. Toronto COMMFFest/ Festival Award. Twin Cities Film Fest
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Milano International Film Festival Awards/ Anchorage International Film Festival 

Antarctica, A Year On Ice. A ticket to the most inhospitable continent

A stunning photography of the challenging landscape of Antarctica, the inhospitable continent located at the southern end of our planet, arrives to conquer our screen and take us to an unimaginable journey into the unknown.

For this purpose, director and amateur photographer Anthony Powell regularly uses his specially adapted cameras to shoot time lapses that make the quotidian life of the few people who populate this place a definitely transcendental experience.

During the film, we meet ordinary people, such as mechanics, firefighters and scientists working at McMurdo and Scott Base stations. They tell us how their lives changed forever, touched by the austral auroras, the landscape of the Mount Erebus Volcano and the lurking and everlasting winter darkness.

Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell Director

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