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Anne of Brittany, Twice Queen

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  • 2014
  • Nonemin

The life of Anne of Brittany was an extraordinary adventure of love, betrayal, desperation and jealousy. Married at 14 to King Charles VIII, then seven years later to King Louis XII, she united her Duchy with its historic enemy: France. Throughout her life, Anne, a woman of great intelligence, devoted herself to the administration of her duchy and jealously guarded its autonomy, but in the end her daughter Claude, Anne's heir, was betrothed to Francis of Angoulême, the future Francis I and Brittany was finally absorbed into the kingdom of France.

Vanessa Pontet
Vanessa Pontet Director
Stéphane Bern
Stéphane Bern Presenter
Bernard Quillet
Bernard Quillet Historian
Didier Lefur
Didier Lefur Historian
Jean-Louis Sureau
Jean-Louis Sureau Director of the Royal Castle of Amboise
Pierre Gilles Girault
Pierre Gilles Girault Chief Curator of the Royal Castle of Blois