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Angry Monk -- Reflections on Tibet

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  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Angry Monk -- Reflections on Tibet

Driving a wedge into popular thinking about Tibet, Luc Schaedler tells the amazing story of a man who did the same. Gendun Choephel was a Tibetan Buddhist monk in the early twentieth century. Well before the Chinese occupation, during a time of deep religious conservatism and national isolation, he formed a conviction about the importance of Tibet's engagement with the world and modernity. With this impetus, he undertook extended travels throughout Tibet, India, and Sri Lanka, seeking experiences and conducting research to construct a historical vision of a more internationally engaged Tibet. Unearthing forgotten texts demonstrating past military engagements with China, and publishing a groundbreaking newspaper from India for a widely dispersed Tibetan diaspora, Choephel sealed his own tragic fate of persecution and imprisonment by the Chinese.

Angry Monk -- Reflections on Tibet
Luc Schaedler
Luc Schaedler Screenplay, Director...
Filip Zumbrunn
Filip Zumbrunn Director of photography