Anatomy Of A Miracle

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 83min
Anatomy Of A Miracle
  • Original Title: Anatomy Of A Miracle

This documentary premiered at Locarno follows a series of female characters from Naples, all linked in some way to the Virgin Mary and awaiting a kind of miracle.

Anatomy Of A Miracle

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Bellaria Film Festival/ Copenhagen Film Festival/ Festival dei Popoli / Locarno Film Festival

Anatomy Of A Miracle. Looking for a miracle in Naples

Naples. A Virgin with bruise on her cheek who performs miracles. Three female
characters, each connected to the virgin in their own way but who never meet.

Giusy, a girl in a wheelchair who had no right to a miracle. An atheist, free-spirited, and an anthropologist specializing in the worship of the Virgin Mary. Fabiana, a transsexual at the head of a troupe faithful supporters of the Virgin in a popular district of the city center. 

And Sue, a Korean pianist in search of a new direction for her life, teaching music to children in difficulty in a city far removed from her original culture.
Each with their intimate wounds and each searching for a "miracle".

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