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An Omar Broadway Film

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  • 2008
  • Nonemin
An Omar Broadway Film
  • English

.An incarcerated gang member sneaks a video camera into prison in order to document the use of excessive force and corruption among the institution's guards.

An Omar Broadway Film
  • English
Omar Broadway
Omar Broadway Director of photography, Director
Douglas Tirola
Douglas Tirola Producer, Director
Robert Greene
Robert Greene Producer, Director of Photography
Susan Bedusa
Susan Bedusa Producer
Jessica Kimball
Jessica Kimball Original Music Composer
Lucian Piane
Lucian Piane Original Music Composer
Buddy Randolph
Buddy Randolph Director of photography
Kwame Amoaku
Kwame Amoaku Himself
Tom Fontana
Tom Fontana Himself
Marc Levin
Marc Levin Himself