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An Inconsistent Truth

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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
An Inconsistent Truth
  • English

An Inconsistent Truth
  • English
Shayne Edwards
Shayne Edwards Editor, Director
Phil Valentine
Phil Valentine Writer, Producer...
Anne Cates
Anne Cates Producer
Alex Hall
Alex Hall Director of photography
Rich Hawkinson
Rich Hawkinson Director of photography
James King
James King Director of photography
Ed Lamberg
Ed Lamberg Director of photography
Jim DeMint
Jim DeMint Himself
James Inhofe
James Inhofe Himself
John Christy
John Christy Himself
Roy Spencer
Roy Spencer Himself
Ken Greene
Ken Greene Himself (as Dr. Ken Green)
Greg Walden
Greg Walden Himself (as Rep. Greg Walden)