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American Revolution 2

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  • 1969
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American Revolution 2
  • English

A gritty but essential documentary charting social turbulence in late 1960's Chicago. American Revolution 2 includes footage of the 1968 Democratic Convention protest and riot, a critique of the events by working class African-Americans in Chicago, and attempts by the Black Panther Party to organize poor, southern white youths on the city's north side.

American Revolution 2
  • English
Howard Alk
Howard Alk Director, Director of photography...
Mike Gray
Mike Gray Director, Producer...
Chuck Olin
Chuck Olin Producer
John Mason
John Mason Editor
Richard J. Daley
Richard J. Daley Himself - Mayor
Charles Geary
Charles Geary Himself - Organizer
Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory Himself - Comedian
Bobby Rush
Bobby Rush Himself - BPP Defense Minister
Pierre Salinger
Pierre Salinger Himself - Delegate

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