American Milo

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  • 2015
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American Milo
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American Milo is a documentary about British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos as he spends a week in Los Angeles on a media tour. As much provocateur as journalist Milo is a unique figure in the media landscape. A flamboyant gay man with a lust for life and the limelight, he is also religious and thoughtful in his unapologetic conservative views. He is either loved or hated by those who know him and his work. He has a point of view and he forces you to have one as well, which is why he was interesting to me as a film subject. He has an honest opinion and he's not afraid to say it, and then defend it. This is becoming an increasingly rare quality in both people and the media and I wanted to capture him and this moment in the cultural zeitgeist.

Loren Feldman
Loren Feldman Director, Writer...