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American Experience: Reagan: Part I

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American Experience: Reagan: Part I

Part 1 of PBS' American Experience: Reagan.

American Experience: Reagan: Part I
Trish Cahalan
Trish Cahalan Post-Production Manager
Tobee Phipps
Tobee Phipps Production Manager
Richard Bock
Richard Bock Sound Mixer
Adriana Bosch
Adriana Bosch Producer
Joshua D. Clark
Joshua D. Clark Associate Producer
Margaret Drain
Margaret Drain Executive Producer
Austin Hoyt
Austin Hoyt Executive Producer
Larry Lecain
Larry Lecain Producer
Susan Mottau
Susan Mottau Coordinating Producer
Chas Norton
Chas Norton Producer
Mark Samels
Mark Samels Producer
Terry Hopkins
Terry Hopkins Director of photography
Dianne Marcelli
Dianne Marcelli Makeup Artist
David Ogden Stiers
David Ogden Stiers Himself / Narrator
Patti Davis
Patti Davis Herself
Ed Meese
Ed Meese Himself
Lyn Nofziger
Lyn Nofziger Himself
Nancy Reagan
Nancy Reagan Herself
Ron Reagan
Ron Reagan Himself
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Himself (archive footage)
Donald Regan
Donald Regan Himself
Ed Rollins
Ed Rollins Himself
George Will
George Will Himself

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