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American Experience: 1964

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  • 2014
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American Experience: 1964
  • English

From PBS - 1964 was the year the Beatles came to America, Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali, and three civil rights workers were murdered in Mississippi. It was the year when Berkeley students rose up in protest, African Americans fought back against injustice in Harlem, and Barry Goldwater's conservative revolution took over the Republican Party. Based in part on The Last Innocent Year: America in 1964 by Jon Margolis, 1964 follows some of the most influential figures of the time -- Lyndon B. Johnson, Barry Goldwater, Betty Friedan -- but also brings out from the shadows the stories of ordinary Americans whose principled stands would set the country onto a new and different course

American Experience: 1964
  • English
Stephen Ives
Stephen Ives Director, Writer
Amanda Pollak
Amanda Pollak Producer
Nina Krstic
Nina Krstic Associate Producer
Peter Rundquist
Peter Rundquist Original Music Composer
Andrew Young
Andrew Young Director of Photography
Oliver Platt
Oliver Platt Narrator

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