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Alternative 3

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  • 1977
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Alternative 3
  • English

In the late 1970s the UK's Anglia Television ran a weekly science series, Science Report. The final episode of the series was allegedly due to have been broadcast on April 1, and as the series was not to be recommissioned, the production team may have decided to produce a spoof edition for April Fool's Day, which was written by Chris Miles and David Ambrose but retained the series' format and presenter. Music was supplied by Brian Eno, a portion of his score being released on the 1978 album Music for Films. The episode began by detailing the so-called "brain drain:" a number of mysterious disappearances and deaths of physicists, engineers, astronomers, and others in related fields. Among the strange deaths reported was that of one "Professor Ballantine" of Jodrell Bank. Before his death, Ballantine delivers a videotape to an academic friend, but when viewed on an ordinary videotape machine the only result is radio static.

Alternative 3
  • English
Tim Brinton
Tim Brinton Himself
Gregory Munroe
Gregory Munroe Colin Benson
Carol Hazell
Carol Hazell Katherine White
Shane Rimmer
Shane Rimmer Bob Grodin
Richard Marner
Richard Marner Dr. Carl Gerstein
Alec Linstead
Alec Linstead Professor Broadbent

Production Companies

Anglia Television