Alter Senator

  • 6 10
  • 2015
  • 13min
Alter Senator
  • Original Title: Der Senator (1968)

Images, or rather everyday scraps of the town of Bremen, Germany, reach the most unimaginable fantastic situations seeing them from an alcoholic point of view.

Alter Senator

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Kasseler Dokfest/ International Film Festival Rotterdam/ IDFA/ Short Film Festival Hamburg

Alter Senator, An alcoholic epic

In Alter Senator it is we, the spectators, the protagonists. Confronted with everyday images of Bremen, a German town with high unemployment rates and, therefore, high rates of alcohol consumption, a narrator recomposes these seemingly boring scenes to turn them into a kind of porn fantasy from another planet.

Alter Senator is a film about the effects of alcohol but not about alcoholism. The documentary makes us dress the costumes of various characters, but it is not a fiction film either, nor a documentary per se.

The only thing we can take for granted in this film is the sensation of companionship, escapism and relief that gives us Alter Senator, the most popular alcoholic drink in Bremen, that accompanies us throughout the film as our best ally character.


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