All Still Orbit

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  • 2016
  • Nonemin
All Still Orbit
  • Portuguese, Italian

A breathtaking quest for the dream the imposing city of Brasilia was based on, a marked contrast with the chaos of the adjacent construction workers' village. Everything about Brasilia was devised and designed, but not on the basis of some cold urban design concept: the plan proves to originate from 19th-century priest Don Bosco’s dream. The chaos and disorder of the adjacent construction workers' village Vila Amauri long stood in stark contrast to the grandeur and majestic regularity of Brasilia. Now the village has disappeared beneath the reservoir’s surface, the necessary order has been restored. All Still Orbit examines both these histories.

Dane Komljen
Dane Komljen Director, Writer
James Lattimer
James Lattimer Director, Writer
Maja Kantar
Maja Kantar Writer