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Alkemi: Quarantine at Sea

  • 8.5 10
  • 2021
  • 11min
Alkemi: Quarantine at Sea
  • Original Title: Alkemi: Quarantine at Sea

Trapped at sea when the Covid-19 pandemic breaks out all over the world, a small crew of people aboard a sailboat must navigate several obstacles to find safe harbor.

Alkemi: Quarantine at Sea

Alkemi. Quarantine at sea

When notified of the COVID-19 pandemic in the middle of their voyage on the high seas, a group of people aboard their sailboat will have to navigate not only the seas, but the border restrictions of several countries.

The documentary maintains a pleasant and lighthearted tone, unlike other films dealing with the coronavirus. More than a film about the context of the pandemic, it is a document about solidarity and the culture of sailing. 

Angela Harger
Angela Harger Director

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Angela Harger Productions

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