Alias Ruby Blade

  • 9.3 10
  • 2012
  • 77min
Alias Ruby Blade
  • Original Title: Alias Ruby Blade

One courageous woman’s journey from undercover agent to First Lady and the untold story of the birth of a new nation.

Alias Ruby Blade

AWARDS: Winner. Cinema For Peace Award/ Best Life Award. Biografilm Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA / Tribeca Film Festival/ U.K. Human Rights Film Festival


Alias Ruby Blade: a story of love and revolution

Revolution meets romance in the real-life cloak-and-dagger story Alias Ruby Blade, a documentary film chronicling the tumultuous birth of a new nation in East Timor through a never-before-seen perspective.

Kirsty Sword, a young Australian activist, aspired to be a documentary filmmaker in East Timor, but instead became an underground operative for the Timorese resistance against Indonesia in Jakarta.

Her code name: Ruby Blade. Her task: to become a conduit of information and instruction for the resistance movement’s enigmatic leader, Kay Rala "Xanana" Gusmão, while he was serving life in prison for his revolutionary activities.

Alias Ruby Blade captures their incredible love story, from this beginning to the ultimate triumph of freedom in East Timor, demonstrating the astonishing power of ordinary individuals to change the course of history.

Alex Meillier
Alex Meillier Director

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