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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
  • Portuguese

In 2012 the disc Alegria Compartilhada completes one year of road and histories. To celebrate this special date, the band Forfun release the Alegria.doc, a documentary that shows how this CD was recorded.

  • Portuguese
Márcio Isensee
Márcio Isensee Camera Operator, Editor
Daniel Pardal
Daniel Pardal Camera Operator
Gustavo Pellizzon
Gustavo Pellizzon Camera Operator
Felipe Ridolfi
Felipe Ridolfi Sound Designer
Lucas Zappa
Lucas Zappa Sound Editor, Visual Development
Marco Santos
Marco Santos Motion Capture Artist
Nelma Guimarães
Nelma Guimarães Art Direction
Rodrigo Costa
Rodrigo Costa Rodrigo Costa
Vitor Isensee
Vitor Isensee Vitor Isensee
Nicolas Christ
Nicolas Christ Nicolas Christ
Danilo Cutrim
Danilo Cutrim Danilo Cutrim

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