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Albizu Vive

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  • 1991
  • Nonemin
Albizu Vive
  • Spanish

Through the use of archival film and photo images, this documentary examines the political awakening and journey of nationalist leader Pedro Albizu Campos. The film also captures the volatile political and social atmosphere during the 1930’s and 1940’s which gave rise to Albizu Campos and the nationalist movement in Puerto Rico.

Albizu Vive
  • Spanish
Luis Molina Casanova
Luis Molina Casanova Director, Producer...
Gerónimo Pérez Quesada
Gerónimo Pérez Quesada Director of Photography
Jose Diaz Vega
Jose Diaz Vega Executive Producer
Lonka Alvarez
Lonka Alvarez Researcher

Production Companies

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón