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Albert Camus, la tragédie du bonheur

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Albert Camus, la tragédie du bonheur


Albert Camus, la tragédie du bonheur
Joël Calmettes
Joël Calmettes Writer, Director...
Jean Daniel
Jean Daniel Writer, Director
Max Armanet
Max Armanet Producer
Philippe Cazer
Philippe Cazer Producer
William Leroux
William Leroux Sound, Director of photography
Patrick Soquet
Patrick Soquet Director of photography
Koka MEDIA Original Music Composer
K Music
K Music Original Music Composer
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Jean-Louis Trintignant Narration (Voice)
Jean Daniel
Jean Daniel Narration (Voice)
Michel Bouquet
Michel Bouquet Narration (Voice)

Production Companies

France3 Cinéma


CKF Productions