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Alaska Far Away

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  • 2008
  • Nonemin
Alaska Far Away

'Alaska Far Away' tells the story of the Matanuska Colonization Project of 1935, a creative and controversial New Deal program that relocated 202 families devastated by the Great Depression, taking them from the upper Midwest to the Matanuska Valley in Alaska to start an experimental farming colony. It generated a whirlwind of publicity and controversy at the time, not only as a federally-funded social experiment, but also as one of the last pioneer movements in America. The Matanuska Colony isn't just a fascinating footnote to the history of Alaska. It encompasses the despair of the Depression, the creative energy of the New Deal, the adventure of pioneering in Alaska, and the best and worst of our government and ordinary citizens in facing those extraordinary challenges.

Alaska Far Away
Paul Hill
Paul Hill Director, Writer...
Joan Juster
Joan Juster Director, Writer...
Jim Fox
Jim Fox Writer
Mark Lipman
Mark Lipman Editor, Writer
Richard Koldewyn
Richard Koldewyn Music Score Producer
Carisa Kaplan
Carisa Kaplan Director of photography
Bob Edwards
Bob Edwards Sound Mixer
Chris Gridley
Chris Gridley Sound Editor
Peter Dunne
Peter Dunne Music Supervisor
Peter Coyote
Peter Coyote Narrator

Production Companies

Juster Hill Productions