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Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom

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  • 2015
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Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom

Part of the most modern nation on Earth, Alaska is a unique wilderness marked by extremes. Shaped by ice-sheets and glaciers, dotted with huge rivers and lakes, its northerly position, up on the Arctic Circle, means winters can be bitterly cold, while in summer, the size and shape of the land brings heat waves. Wild Alaska explores spring, summer and winter in this extreme wilderness and discovers the unique species that have learnt to thrive in these harsh conditions. The series also visits the small human communities that are dotted through the land and discovers how they interact with their unusual environment.

Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom
Jane Atkins
Jane Atkins Director
Tuppence Stone
Tuppence Stone Director
Ian Gray
Ian Gray Director
William Slater
William Slater Original Music Composer
Dougray Scott
Dougray Scott Himself - Narrator

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BBC America