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Al Murray's Great British War Movies

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  • 2014
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Comedian and history buff Al Murray is joined by historian Dan Snow, writer Natalie Haynes and broadcaster and film expert Matthew Sweet for a fresh look at a subject very close to his heart - the great British war movie. This roundtable discussion looks at both the films themselves, from A Bridge too Far to Zulu, and uses them as a lens on British history, cultural attitudes and our changing views on conflict over the decades.

Ollie Bartlett
Ollie Bartlett Director
Jamie Isaacs
Jamie Isaacs Executive Producer
Andy Coles
Andy Coles Sound Mixer
Ilaria Fulvio
Ilaria Fulvio Camera Operator
Matt Nida
Matt Nida Producer
Al Murray
Al Murray Himself
Dan Snow
Dan Snow Himself

Production Companies

Liberty Bell Productions