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Al Murray's Great British Spy Movies

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  • 2014
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Al Murray's Great British Spy Movies
  • English

Comedian and history buff Al Murray is joined by former director of MI5 Dame Stella Rimington, political comedian Matt Forde and film expert Matthew Sweet for a fresh look at the great British spy movie. This round-table discussion looks at the films themselves - not to mention the spies that star in them - and uses them as a lens on the British people, our fear of the world and our changing views of espionage over the decades.

Al Murray's Great British Spy Movies
  • English
Ollie Bartlett
Ollie Bartlett Director
Jamie Isaacs
Jamie Isaacs Executive Producer
Matt Nida
Matt Nida Producer
Alan Tyler
Alan Tyler Executive Producer
Al Murray
Al Murray Himself
Matt Forde
Matt Forde Himself

Production Companies

Liberty Bell Productions