Ain’t No Time For Women

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  • 2020
  • 19min
Ain’t No Time For Women
  • Original Title: Y’A Pas D’Heure Pour Les Femmes

On the eve of Tunisia's presidential election, a hair salon becomes a microcosm of the country's political and social turmoil.

Ain’t No Time For Women

AWARDS: Best Canadian Short Film Award. Hot Docs/ Honorable Mention - Documentary Short. Slamdance/ Meilleur court métrage documentaire. Filministes/ Best Documentary Short. DOXA Documentary Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: IDFA/ Don Leipzig/ Festival Visions du Réel Film/ Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont Ferrand/ Torino Short Film/ Odense Film Festival/ Leiden Int. Short Film Experience/ Palm Spring Shortfest and Market/ FIDBA Buenos Aires/ Int. Women's Film Festival Dortmund/ Beirut International Women Film Festival/ Indie Lisboa/ Melbourne Int. Film Festival/ Les rencontre Cinessonne,


Ain’t No Time For Women - A Hair Salon reflects Tunisia's political turmoil

In Tunis, in November 2019, on the eve of the presidential election, a group of women gathered at Saïda's hair salon. The salon becomes a microcosm of the nation's internal turmoil, reflecting the hopes, fears, and discussions of a country grappling with its teenage democracy.

This female sanctuary offers an intimate look at the nation's political landscape and the diverse voices shaping its future.

Sarra El Abed
Sarra El Abed Director

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