Ainsi soit Macron

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  • 2017
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Ainsi soit Macron
  • French

The meteoric path of Emmanuel Macron made him pass in three years of almost anonymity to the presidency of the Republic. Yet, even though the media have followed him every day during his campaign, no one really knows him. Politics has spoken, progressive, social and liberal at the same time, but man remains an enigma. Behind the official story-telling, what is the true personality of the one who is going to lead France? What are its strengths, its weaknesses? Thanks to unpublished images and exclusive testimonials, including that of his wife Brigitte, this film tells the pivotal moments of the new President's career and reveals the deep motivations that animate him. Investigation of a meteor become President.

Pierre Hurel
Pierre Hurel Director
Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron