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Age of the Drone

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  • 2015
  • Nonemin
Age of the Drone
  • English

There's a new revolution happening overhead. The drones are coming. The question is: who gets to use them, and how?

Age of the Drone
  • English
Leif Kaldor
Leif Kaldor Director, Writer...
Leslea Mair
Leslea Mair Writer
Leslea Mair
Leslea Mair Producer
Kim Wright
Kim Wright Researcher, Production Manager
Gabriel Levesque
Gabriel Levesque Director of photography
Linda Payeur
Linda Payeur Researcher
Liam Karp
Liam Karp Assistant Editor
Howard Rissin
Howard Rissin Dialogue Editor
Anita Lubosch
Anita Lubosch Sound Effects Editor
Jeremy Catz
Jeremy Catz Publicist
Luther Alexander
Luther Alexander Production Intern

Production Companies

Zoot Pictures