Agate mousse

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  • 2021
  • 67min
Agate mousse
  • Original Title: Agate mousse

Confronted with mortality after discovering health issues, filmmaker Salim Mourad embarks on an introspective journey exploring themes of identity and existence in this self-referential documentary.

Agate mousse


Agate mousse - Introspective, Self-Referential, Philosophical

In this absorbing documentary, Salim Mourad finds himself face-to-face with mortality when he discovers a lump in his testicle and an abscess in his mouth during a visit to a cosmetic surgery clinic. Through introspective reflections and encounters, Salim delves into themes of transience and decay, weaving together personal narrative, philosophical commentary, and mythical motifs. As he navigates his mortality, Salim's journey becomes a meditation on identity, existence, and the eternal cycle of birth and death.

Salim Mourad
Salim Mourad Director

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Salim Mourad

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