AG Geige - An Amateur Film

  • 9 10
  • 2012
  • 78min
AG Geige - An Amateur Film
  • Original Title: AG Geige - Ein Amateurfilm (2012)

The release in 1986 of Karl-Marx-Stadt meant a musical revolution for their generation. This film documents the short life of this irreverent rock band.

AG Geige - An Amateur Film


“AG Geige - An Amateur Film” The music of Karl-Marx-Stadt

Rare costumes, an eclectic imaginary and a huge sound, make trilogy that roughly describes the revolutionary German rock band Karl-Marx-Stadt.

Founded in 1989, the band ended abruptly in 1993, but still its trail is palpable in the generation that saw it in its glory.

In order to unravel the secrets of the band, director Carsten Gebhardt interviews those who were then protagonists of this musical phenomenon.

Production Companies

Carsten Gebhardt

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