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Aftermath – The second flood

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  • 2014
  • Nonemin
Aftermath – The second flood
  • English, German

After the destructions that where caused by the tsunami, the insulars of an Indian archipelago are rolled over by another surge of ruination: the flood of international aid organizations, which pluck this premodern civilisation into the 21st century. The film depicts the partially heroic attempts of the Nicobareses, to live in this world without drowning.

Aftermath – The second flood
  • English, German
Raphael Barth
Raphael Barth Writer, Director...
Philipp Pfeiffer
Philipp Pfeiffer Director of photography
Ulrich Fischer
Ulrich Fischer Director of photography
Patrick Veigel
Patrick Veigel Sound Recordist
Jochen Laube
Jochen Laube Sound Recordist
Simrat Singh
Simrat Singh Himself
Denis Giles
Denis Giles Himself

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Golden Girls

Twopair Films