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African Bambi

  • 0 10
  • 2007
  • Nonemin
African Bambi
  • English, German, Dutch

A Giraffe mother tells the story of three young gazelle fawns who have to experience great adventures on the plains of Africa.

African Bambi
  • English, German, Dutch
Alan Miller
Alan Miller Director, Writer...
Han Otten
Han Otten Original Music Composer
Danny Weijermans
Danny Weijermans Original Music Composer
Robert Poole
Robert Poole Director of photography
Anton van Munster
Anton van Munster Director of photography
Edith Brinkers
Edith Brinkers Executive Producer
Marjolein Duermeijer
Marjolein Duermeijer Executive Producer
Evert van den Bos
Evert van den Bos Executive Producer
Traudel Haas
Traudel Haas Giraffe
Loes Luca
Loes Luca Giraffe