Afghanistan Night Stories

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  • 2015
  • 59min
Afghanistan Night Stories
  • Original Title: Afghanistan Night Stories (2015)

This courageous documentary directed by female filmmaker Alka Sadat is a close follow-up to a group of Afghan Commodes engaged in the military fight against the Taliban.

Afghanistan Night Stories

AWARDS: Winner. Worldfest Houston International Film Festival/ Best Feature Documentary. Stockholm Afghan International Film Festival/ Best Female Director Award. Afghan Documentary Film Festival/


Afghanistan Night Stories, Fighting the Taliban in the darkness

After 2014, it is, above all, the Afghan military forces and not the foreign ones that wage the war against Taliban in the country.

But nobody so far had discovered the story behind the lives of the soldiers engaged in this unforgettable war until filmmaker Alva Sadat made this film.

Despite having been warned several times of the impossibility of a woman having the permission of the soldiers to follow their steps during their duty, the filmmaker succeeds in touching the human fiber of these men who risk their lives for having a country in peace.

Alka Sadat
Alka Sadat Director

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