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Afgan: The Soviet Experience

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  • 1989
  • Nonemin
Afgan: The Soviet Experience
  • English, Russian

During the 1980s Russia fought a disastrous war in Afghanistan. Here we offer the definitive documentary on the war, and ask if there are any lessons to be learnt from the Soviet experience. The 40 minute film includes combat missions with the Spetsnaz elite units, never before filmed by a Western crew. It also shows helicopter gunship pilots from a Kabul-based Air Assault Unit flying missions, the patrolling of the Salang mountain pass and the military hospital in Kabul. Soviet General Lev Serebrov referred to the making of the film as "An experiment in glasnost".

Afgan: The Soviet Experience
  • English, Russian
Jeff B Harmon
Jeff B Harmon Director
Alexander Lindsay
Alexander Lindsay Camera Operator

Production Companies

Duce films