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Acting Out

  • 0 10
  • 1980
  • Nonemin
Acting Out
  • English

This unusual documentary-style feature starts with ordinary people discussing their private erotic desires; what sets it apart from other documentaries, which often feature a lot of talk, is that in this experimental film, 10 of the subjects then act out their most intimate fantasies. Carl Gurevich and Ralph Rosenblum (the acclaimed editor of Woody Allen's comedies Annie Hall and Sleeper) co-direct this daring peek into the human sexual psyche.

Acting Out
  • English
Carl Gurevich
Carl Gurevich Producer, Director
Ralph Rosenblum
Ralph Rosenblum Editorial Manager, Director
Beverly Maier
Beverly Maier Producer
Robert M. Baldwin
Robert M. Baldwin Director of Photography, Camera Operator
Roberta Findlay
Roberta Findlay Director of Photography, Camera Operator
Julie Sloane
Julie Sloane Editor, Music Editor
William De Seta
William De Seta Art Direction
Erica Makeup Artist
Rita Ogden
Rita Ogden Hairstylist, Makeup Artist
J. Boyce Harman Jr.
J. Boyce Harman Jr. Director of Photography, Production Manager
Grace Davis
Grace Davis Assistant Art Director
Ray Edelstein
Ray Edelstein Assistant Art Director
Sam Bender
Sam Bender Gaffer
Bernard Breitbart
Bernard Breitbart Camera Operator
Jim Canatta
Jim Canatta Loader
Lorey Sebastian
Lorey Sebastian Still Photographer
Leon Vercruse
Leon Vercruse Best Boy Electrician
Robert Kerman
Robert Kerman Professional Repertory Company
Victoria Corsaut
Victoria Corsaut Professional Repertory Company
Michael Gaunt
Michael Gaunt Professional Repertory Company
Ellen Faison
Ellen Faison Professional Repertory Company
Roger Caine
Roger Caine Professional Repertory Company
Cia Lozell
Cia Lozell Professional Repertory Company
Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan Professional Repertory Company
Andrea Cox
Andrea Cox Gallery Magazine Reader Fantast
James Schulze
James Schulze Gallery Magazine Reader Fantast
Barbara Jo Fiedorlyzk
Barbara Jo Fiedorlyzk Gallery Magazine Reader Fantast
Karen D. Frohardt
Karen D. Frohardt Gallery Magazine Reader Fantast
John P. Smoczyk
John P. Smoczyk Gallery Magazine Reader Fantast
Colleen Anderson
Colleen Anderson Gallery Magazine Reader Fantast
Erica Havens
Erica Havens Fantast
Marcia Blau
Marcia Blau Fantast
Sandy Light
Sandy Light Fantast
James Kyler
James Kyler Fantast
Don Farrar
Don Farrar Fantast
Jim Mann
Jim Mann Fantast
Greg Hart
Greg Hart Fantast
Terri King
Terri King Fantast
Frank Gray
Frank Gray Interview
Jaye Griffith
Jaye Griffith Interview
Gene Moore
Gene Moore Interview
Lavelle Ziegler
Lavelle Ziegler Interview
Joel Weiss
Joel Weiss Interview
Tellius Fitch
Tellius Fitch Interview
Marco Vassi
Marco Vassi Interview
Nancy Morgan
Nancy Morgan Interview

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