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  • 6.6 10
  • 2009
  • Nonemin

Norbert Witte, once the king of the only amusement park of the former GDR, today he is behind bars in Germany. When fleeing bankruptcy in Berlin, Norbert Witte and his family secretly shipped their rollercoasters to Peru. Things went wrong here too. In a desperate attempt, Norbert tried to smuggle cocaine to Germany. Three years later his 23 years old son Marcel was sentenced to 20 years in a Peruvian prison. Now the father is doing everything he can in order to free his son.

Peter Dörfler
Peter Dörfler Director
Benny Drechsel
Benny Drechsel Producer
Bert Schmidt
Bert Schmidt Producer
Pia Witte
Pia Witte Pia Witte
Sabrina Witte
Sabrina Witte Sabrina Witte
Marcel Witte
Marcel Witte Marcel Witte
Norbert Witte
Norbert Witte Norbert Witte