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Above the Fray: The Lessons of Dukakis

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Above the Fray: The Lessons of Dukakis

The story of that race as told by the Democratic Presidential Nominee, Michael Dukakis. From his rise to national prominence to his crushing defeat at the hands of Vice President George H.W. Bush, “ABOVE THE FRAY” underscores the personal and political drama of 1988, revealing the stories behind the strategic missteps of the Dukakis campaign. With NBC News reports and never-before-seen footage, it’s a cautionary tale about what it takes to win and why it’s necessary to engage a political opponent when the chips are down. An original documentary for NBC LEARN, by Will Rabbe of HARDBALL on MSNBC. MSNBC.com debuted “Above the Fray” as part of the launch of its digital-only, streaming video channel Shift.

Above the Fray: The Lessons of Dukakis
Will Rabbe
Will Rabbe Director
Mark Miano
Mark Miano Producer
William Politis
William Politis Director of Photography
Andrew Gooss
Andrew Gooss Art Direction
Brittany Prime
Brittany Prime Creative Consultant
Jesse Bergman
Jesse Bergman Creative Consultant