About Queens and Other Colors

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 16min
About Queens and Other Colors
  • Original Title: De Reinas y Otros Colores

In a world riddled with prejudice, queens, drags, and transgender performers illuminate their journey – a dance of dreams and defiance amidst societal shadows.

About Queens and Other Colors

About Queens and Other Colors - Radiance, Resilience, Prejudice, Triumph

This short documentary delves deep into the vibrant yet vulnerable world of queens, drags, and transgender individuals. Within the heart of a society marred by prejudice and homophobia, these unique performers don their radiant personas, revealing tales of courage, heartbreak, and undying passion. The documentary is an ode to their resilience, weaving stories of dreams realized in the spotlight while confronting unsettling truths in the dark. Through personal narratives and onstage revelations, this film juxtaposes the glittering world of drag and performance with the harsh reality of societal discrimination, unfolding a tapestry of triumphs, tears, and transcendence.

Production Companies

Queerema Productions

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