About Finnish Manhood

  • 9.5 10
  • 2019
  • 11min
About Finnish Manhood
  • Original Title: About Finnish Manhood

Alternating between still photographs and cinematic still shots, male figures appear in various Nordic landscapes. In the background, there is a necessary conversation about what it is to be a man in Finland.

About Finnish Manhood


About Finnish Manhood. The Silent Gender

Filmmaker Samuli Salonen made this short documentary on his own. To do so, he left a fixed camera to film scenes that portray men in seemingly everyday situations. 

Simultaneously, testimonies of male voices are heard talking about the self-absorbed and restrained figure expected of men in this country. This short film is an opportunity to finally speak out and tell the story of these silenced burdens.

Samuli Salonen
Samuli Salonen Director

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