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ABC Nunca Más

  • 4.3 10
  • 2013
  • Nonemin
ABC Nunca Más
  • Spanish

The largest childhood tragedy in the history of Mexico, not only marked the lives of 49 families who lost their sons in the fire at the ABC child care, but that of an entire nation. Following the incident, parents of children killed and injured in the fire seek to rebuild their lives while seeking justice.

ABC Nunca Más
  • Spanish
Pedro Ultreras
Pedro Ultreras Director, Art Direction...
Christian Valencia
Christian Valencia Music, Producer...
Érica Salinas
Érica Salinas Producer
Roberto López
Roberto López Sound Editor
Guillermo Félix
Guillermo Félix Sound Editor
Daniel Guillen
Daniel Guillen Director of photography
Irma Freeman
Irma Freeman Director of photography
Ericka Maldonado
Ericka Maldonado Director of photography
Julio Márquez
Julio Márquez Papá de "Yeyé"
Ofelia Vázquez
Ofelia Vázquez Mamá de Germán Paul
German León
German León Papá de German Paul
Mary Campos
Mary Campos Mamá de Lucia Guadalupe